Bitcoin doesn't make sense at 10,000 but makes prefect sense at 1,000,000 (Reddit Bitcoin)

Bitcoin can and will be a world currency. It has the benefit of no country manipulating it by flooding the marketwith extra coins.It has no company backing it so the government has no one entity to go after.It is extremely rare.Most of the bitcoin haters say is there is nothing backing it up,I guess they never looked at their fiat currency and saw that not only is it backed by nothing every country just continues to print more dilating the supply. The main thing Bitcoin needs to do is grow to a point where it is a boring asset. If it's a million a coin Bitcoin will become stable and people will use it in their every day life.Who wants to buy something with an asset that can move 10 percent in a day.That 500 dollar TV just cost you 550. All we can do is try to educate all the people out there about the benefits of Bitcoin, it will be a slow process unless some major world currencies start failing. Let's put in the effort and reap the reward.

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