Lightning node set up - COMPLETE! (Reddit Bitcoin)

After 6 weeks from first having the idea to set up a lightning node (Raspiblitz), I'm so happy to report that it's all up and running.

I encountered about 10 'sticking points' where I had to find a solution - whether it was hardware deficiencies relating to the initial block download setting up the Bitcoin node on PC or working out how to run Linux commands in Windows.

Who knew that my first experiences on computers in the late 80s running DOS to play games would help me with a basic understanding of and confidence working with command lines/terminals!

Just one question if anyone knows: I bought an HDMI LCD screen which is not the waveshare one on the Raspiblitz 'shopping list'. Can I just install the drivers (Uctronics) and get it working or does it really need to be waveshare/non-HDMI?

Actually, I'm happy to keep running my node through SSH and maybe buying the screen when Raspiblitz 1.3 is released, but if I can save 50 bucks and keep this HDMI I bought, that would be nice.

Edit: Thanks @rootzoll and the rest of the contributors at the Raspiblitz github!

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