Polish banking giant Alior to leverage Ethereum blockchain for first public ledger (AMBCrypto)

While financial institutions still maintain the preconceived notion of cryptocurrency as a threat to their existence, the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology can no longer be ignored. With 2019 witnessing a surge in token offerings and the participation of a large number of non-financial players, some banking organizations have started to provide crypto/blockchain-based services as a primary differentiator.

In a recent development, the Polish banking giant Alior announced a new service offering aimed at allowing customers to maintain and tally immutable official records. According to the report, the banking company took the bold step of leveraging a public Ethereum blockchain for document authentication, which contradicts the traditional bank’s notion of maintaining private ledgers.

Alior’s Blockchain Strategy Lead, Tomasz Sienicki, commented,

“Our mission is to be disruptive, so we want to provide innovative solutions, and we want other banks to follow us as well. We welcome if somebody copied our solution. We are showing that it’s possible to use public blockchain even if some people think it’s impossible.”

While the main driver for making the decision can be linked backed to the Polish regulation that requires banks to provide customers a durable access to documents, Alior representatives confirmed that the blockchain-based system maintains compliance with existing federal regulations. Further, Sienicki said,

“Everybody can copy this code and use it for his or her purposes. We encourage people to do so.”

While Alior’s initiative is a reflection of the massive role of blockchain in the future of finance, several other financial giants including JP Morgan have invested in crypto-related products to enable real-time payments between institutional clients. Alior is the first banking institution to have developed a network technology that can be joined by other companies, making the experience more transparent.

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