Friend of mine and their BTC (Reddit Bitcoin)

So long story short a friend of mine had bought $500 worth of BTC years ago before it became popular and now they have an estimated value of $2 million worth. He has one passcode and his wife, who told me this story, he had moved them to a flash drive but since lost it. She said he can use the one passcode to log into his account and see the value, but he doesn’t have the second to cash out. I’m pretty sure this is a lost cause but I figured asking wouldn’t hurt. Idk which website he used to buy them on. I asked the girlfriend (who’s my stylist) and she didn’t know either. So, with all this said, is there any hope? I’d hate to see them lose out on all that money just bc if something simple he could do to get the other passcode and be able to withdraw the money

Thank you

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