Next Recession guaranteed now: Inverted Yield Curve passes 3 Months! This indicator accurately predicted last 7 Recessions and never happened otherwise. (Reddit Bitcoin)

When Short-term bond yields earn more than long--term bond yields, that's called an inverted yield curve and obviously it's not a sign of a healthy market. We've been seeing one in US markets all spring and on Sunday it became 3 months old, which is an indicator that has happened 7 times since WWII.

And every one of the 7 times was followed by a recession. Sure jobs and markets are up right now otherwise, but you gotta admit this is a pretty accurate indicator.

We haven't had a US recessions since the birth of Bitcoin in 2009. We really don't know what to expect... Will more Americans have less money to invest so we should expect lower prices? Or will more Americans see BTC as a far better investment vehicle than the junk with inverted bond yields today?

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