Asking random Youtubers to explain Bitcoin (Reddit Bitcoin)

Hey, since EpicLloyd was in a that video about Bitcoin rap battle, I think it would be a great idea and ask other Youtubers, who are not directly involved in Bitcoin to make a video about cryptocurrency. If we have enough people, there might be a chance that they make a video about it. It would be great, if we could all get together and ask one youtuber specifically, to maximize the chance of them to make a video about Bitcoin.

With the following priority 1. (makes videos about 3d printers, rather calm guy, 500k subs)

2. (game reviewer, really funny, 700k subs)

3. (very well spoken activist, knows Bitcoin maybe, 700k subs)

What do you think? I will send each of them a small message asking them about Bitcoin, so I anybody wants to join and spread adoption, feel free to join :)

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