BitBox02 Hardware Wallet with Bitcoin-only firmware (Reddit Bitcoin)

So I "just" came home from IFA 2019 in Berlin where I had a nice talk with one of the guys from Just for the sake of full disclosure: I am not affiliated with them in any way, however at the end of our 20 min talk, he gave me a version of their BitBox01 hardware wallet for free (make of that what you will).

While showing me a prototype of the new model, I was very surprised (of him being so straight forward) when he mentioned that they will have a Bitcoin-only edition of the new model and a, what he referred to as "Shitcoin"-edition. We had a good laugh as apparently we both think that everything aside from Bitcoin is just that.

They are also planning to release a plug and play full node at the beginning of next year, so you can connect your BitBox hardware wallet directly and easily to your own node and dont have to rely on their servers anymore. Something that I dont see Ledger making any steps towards (getting independent of their environment).

So while I can say nothing good or bad about the new model (as it is not released yet) or even the old one (as I just begin to play around with it), I find it interesting that more companies seem to go with "Bitcoin-only" editions of their hardware wallets (looking at the new Trezor Bitcoin-only firmware) and completely approve of their "fully open source" and "connect to your own node" approach.

You can check them out here:

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