Can you relate? (Reddit Bitcoin)

So sometimes I buy alts. When I do I look at the value in my countries currency. If the price has had to many up days I know it will swing back down. So I’d rather wait for a few down swings. But for the time being I look at the alts value in bitcoin and notice most of the time even for years and years there’s either hardly a change or a much smaller change of value in percentage. Now that last part may be trivial based on some alts getting popular and having more value period in any kind of currency but that’s not my point. I’m saying if you hesitate I usually just buy bitcoin because when I’m ready I can buy the alt with the bitcoin. But what happens is every time I buy bitcoin to buy alts with it I just end up keeping the bitcoin. So I never buy the alt.

Can you relate to buying bitcoin for a purpose to buy something else with it and end up just keeping it (HODL)?

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