Some simple math as a thought exercise. (Reddit Bitcoin)

If you are like me, and enjoy watching the trading value of BTC as it meanders up and down, sometimes you get these moments of "uh oh" when you see a dive happening. Thoughts of selling and limiting the damage try to sneak into my mind. If that happens to you, as well, consider this:

If BTC did nothing other than close up by 1 percent in a week, a simple 1 percent, then in 52 weeks a $1000 investment would return $1677.69.

And if that continued for a short three years, your return would be $4722.09.

That's an increase of $3722.09 for doing nothing at all. Aside from hodling.

So when you see those numbers going up and down, just think to yourself: All I need is 1% out of a whole WEEK. It tends to calm my selling urges down.

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