Implications of a 'Declared External Account' to withdraw to (Reddit Bitcoin)

I looked at this exchange today called EMX and I saw some pretty terrifying language in the terms of service. They said they would not allow you to withdraw unless it was to a Approved External Account.

Do you all realize what this implies? These Lawyers and US Agencies are planning on geofencing the Bitcoin network by not allow anonymous exchanges and not allowing centralized exchanges to accept native in the wild software and hardware wallets as they are. They will demand you use a proprietary device that is backdoored and associated with KYC, thus locking the money in a parallel white listed backdoored system where YOU DO NOT OWN THE KEYS EXCLUSIVELY. YOU DO NOT YOU CANNOT BECAUSE IT IS BACKDOORED

Why the fuck is no one talking about this????????????? This is a san fransisco company. It's in the ToS. American Lawyers wrote this. This is what these guys in Silicon Valley are cooking up. This is fucking real guys. It's real.

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