Wall of coins scammed me!!!!! Do not use this service. I have a 1700$ order that has not been filled and now they are refusing to fulfill the order unless I “update my previous Reddit post”. (Reddit Bitcoin)

Do not use wall of coins!!!!! Unless you want to wait 60 days to receive you’re coins that they are holding and have there CEO Robert tell you that they will only put “additional resources towards my order, only if I update my Reddit post saying they have fuffilled it” he pretty much gave me an ultimatum and now is denying it. There support team is incompetent and will not answer me truthfully. Might as well use local btc or btc atm. Be careful if you decide to use the service. They say “it’s anonymous” but then make you send selfies of you holding you’re reciept. Then they say you “lost the recipes and it’s all you’re fault” even though there support team told me I would not have to send any additional selfies....that was before they required me to send pictures of my face before even thinking about releasing my coins. Now there saying I have to wait no matter what I do. Terrible company with an ever worse ceo who thinks he is the coolest guy in the world. News flash Robert....you’re not that cool and you’re company sucks!!!!! I guess now I just have to wait 60 days before they drop my coins even though support told me I would have the coins last week.

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