Instant Money from Lightning Network to Prepaid Mastercard -- Solution Found? (Reddit Bitcoin)

Today I ran across this product from Bitrefill that ostensibly lets you buy a Mastercard prepaid gift card with bitcoin (including via the lightning network) and start using it instantly. Being in the USA, I am a bit unsettled by the warning that says, "This gift code may only work in Eurozone," so I haven't tried it out yet. But I checked the Mastercard website, and they say this:

Q: Where can I use my Mastercard gift or prepaid card? A: You can use your Mastercard Prepaid Gift Card anywhere Mastercard is accepted - that's millions of locations worldwide from retail stores to online, mail and phone orders. You can also use your card to pay bills online. [source]

That sounds almost too good to be true. If it works, I can close my bank account and just use lightning + prepaid gift cards. Has anyone tried this product in the USA? I'd love to get some verification about whether or not these Mastercard gift cards work in the USA before I go spending my precious sats on it.

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