Amateur Investor! Advice Needed, Much Thanks! :D (Reddit Bitcoin)

Hiiiiiiii. So as the title suggests, yes I just started to invest and I had a huge eye for bitcoin. However, I really don't know when to actually invest in it. So let me give some background information:

I wanted to invest because I wanted to buy a Nintendo Switch, since most of the people I knew had Pokemon Sword/Shield or Super Mario Maker. I know it is very childish, but I'm sure most of you really enjoy the classic children games xD. Anyways, I saw bitcoin on how it had a very high volatility. Also, many news articles, reports, videos suggested that 2020 is the year since bitcoin halving is coming up. I wanted to invest as soon as possible, but so many people I came across said wait until February or buy it tomorrow or wait 2 weeks. The understatement is I didn't really get a straight answer. But, now that I realize it I want to invest because I really want to help my mom out with income.

I would be sincerely grateful if the experts of this community can give me their feed back. Should I invest right now or wait next week or wait until next month? Thank you everyone!

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