BITCOIN closet, shrine, and home heating combo (Reddit Bitcoin)

BITCOIN closet, shrine, and home heating combo

SteamPunk Bitcoin Closet Version 2

Input: AntMiner S19, 240V, 40 Terahertz

Accessories: 2 LN nodes (CASA + Raspblitz), TOR enabled, Autopilot enabled

Noise suppression and Fire retardant materials: MLV + insulation

Heating: 8" Blower Fan for cooling, output @ 35 deg C

Operating Cost: (With solar panels + net metering) : ~ $10 per month

Filter: 14" MERV 13

Earnings: 1 million Sat's every 2 weeks

DISCLAIMER: there is no bitcoin wallet balances higher than 50000 Sat's in the LN nodes

Shrine Items: rocket, moon, space men, proof-of-work steam generator, and one tall green candle

If this helps adoption, or just gives you a little smile, you've made my day.

Thank you Redditors .

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