Plaid, the company that Coinbase (& others), uses to suck data from your bank account, was acquired by Visa (Reddit Bitcoin)

CNBC article on the acquisition:

"[In the U.S.,] when you "link" your bank account on Coinbase, ... a data harvesting company called Plaid rifles through the last couple years of your bank transaction history. (There is the option to opt-out though almost nobody does)."

This is not unique to Coinbase. I see Gemini, RobinHood, Abra and GiveBitcoin do this as well.

"We may collect, use, and share End User Information in an aggregated, de-identified, or anonymized manner (that does not identify you personally) for any purpose permitted under applicable law."

Nice, huh? Your "de-identified" data is sent to people who have other bits of info that certainly make it easy to "re-identify" you.

Don't like that Plaid does this to you? Then don't use a crappy exchange that suckers you into giving Plaid access to your bank account.


"25 percent of people in the United States with bank accounts have connected to the fintech company through an app" Wow.

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